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Immigration Guidance Videos

Guidance and Immigration Information

Our aim is to provide the best service for you and this includes keeping you informed with up to date guidances on a wide range of immigration topics that may affect you. Below are are a set of videos we put together on several topics including the new Tier 1 General rules. These videos contain in depth information on the relevant subject but as always feel free to contact us if you require further advice.

This video covers the new Tier 1 General rules set by the government from the 19th of July 2010 in detail.


The video below is a Post Study guide for students on what to do after completing studies in the UK.

This video focuses on what to do next if your student visa is refused.

A video on seven tips for choosing the Best Immigration Lawyers in London. This is part one of two.

Part two is below.

This video highlights the best way an immigration appeal case should be handled.

It details the work flow used by Westkin Associates Immigration Lawyers including The Appeal Forms, Grounds of Appeal, and Preparation.

Part 2 of the video is below.


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